Wellbeing Week

Monday, June 8th to Sunday, June 12th, 2020

Powered by Hoxby and Remote Workmates, Wellbeing Week is supporting remote workers to look after and nourish their wellbeing. 

All sessions are LIVE and FREE to attend. #bettertogether 

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Yoga for Busy and Healthy People

with Tina

Monday, June 8th from 10-11am BST

Join Tina for a yoga session where you'll leave feeling relaxed yet energised. Learn how you can use your own chair or office space to stretch and feel goooood.

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Cardio at Home

with Pat

Tuesday, June 9th from 10-11am BST

Join Pat for a Cardio class to get your heart racing and energized for the day!

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Ask the Accountant!

with Liam

Tuesday, June 9th from 1-2pm BST

Liam is here to answer any of your concerns with financial support during the COVID crisis and general tax & accountancy questions for UK-based people.

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Zumba Zest

with Zita

Wednesday, June 10th from 9-10am BST

Come and join in the fun for a 30 min work out by just dancing to uplifting music!! Make some space, put on your comfy shoes and bring a smile! Don’t stop the music and let’s dance with Zumba Zest Zita
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Law of Attraction

with Katy

Tuesday, June 9th from 11am-12pm BST

Join Katy from The Manifesting Mindset for an introduction to the Law of Attraction. Learn how you can use different principles to have the right mindset to achieve your life goals and objectives.

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Qi Gong

with Lui

Wednesday, June 10th from 10-11am BST

Qi Gong (Chi Gong) is an eastern art of energy flow. In eastern philosophy it is said that Qi Gong increases our Qi (Chi) or life-force energy. By building and circulating our Qi we increase our inner power and remove any blockages in our energy flow. In western physiology we see how the movements massage lymph nodes to stimulate our immune system. Our blood is pumped around the circulatory system by our heart, however the immune system does not have such a pump. The movements of Qi Gong act to pump our immune system around while calming and de-stressing our busy minds.If you are able to join this class from outside with your bare feet on the grass that would be most wonderful. If not, bare feet on a rug or yoga mat will be just fine. You need enough space to be able to bend forward and put your arms out either side. Wearing loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement is best. If you are unable to stand, you can sit in a stable chair without arms and be able to have your feet flat on the groundI love doing Qi Gong in the morning to energise me or in the sunset to loosen up after a day's work and relax my thoughts.

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Ask a Therapist

with Pip

Wednesday, June 10th from 6-7pm BST

Self-discovery and development through learning more about our personal drivers and working styles. 

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Future Self Visualisation

with Ursula Capell-Helm

Thursday, June 11th at 11:30am BST

With the current situation we find ourselves in, the present can feel a little scary. Creating space to look into our possible futures and how that looks and feels (rather than a list of goals and objectives which may or may not be achievable) can help us be more optimistic about the future whilst holding steady in the present.  You'll take time out to go on a journey that can give us valuable insights into our heart's desires and our true paths.  Join Ursula for your Future self visualisation and reflection on XXXX. 

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Eat Like a Greek

with Kat Gilbert

Thursday, June 11th from 4-5pm BST

Love food? Then you’ll love cooking some authentic Greek recipes with Kat.

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Barre Class at Home

with Pat

Friday, June 12th from 10-11am BST

Join Pat for a Barre class. All you need is a chair or bench, in approx hip height. 

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Paint Therapy

with Punam Sangrajka-Patel

Friday June 12th from 2-4pm BST

Paint therapy class with Hoxby’s resident artist, Punam Sanghrajka. In this art therapy workshop, you will learn how to create a mini painting of a calming beach scene with a beautiful, vast sky. Or grab your favourite drink and come watch her paint - it’s very soothing to watch a painting come to life. Suitable for all levels.

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4 Simple Steps To Maintain Your Energy Levels & Emotional Sanity As A Professional Parent In Times of Uncertainty

with Lavinia

Friday, June 12th from 7-8pm BST
Are you struggling to successfully juggle homework, housework and professional work alongside trying to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner AND the kids' emotional resilience? If so, you are not alone! Join me on this interactive workshop during which we will unpack the 4 simple and practical steps you can follow in order to remain sane, calm and productive throughout these times of uncertainty (and avoid a divorce!) Check out Lavinias website: www.bobomama.net

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