Wellbeing Week

Monday, March 30 - Friday, April 3

Remote Workmates is supporting remote workers to look after and nourish their wellbeing. 
All sessions are public Google Meet* links and are FREE to attend.

#bettertogether #remoteagainstcoronavirus

While this live virtual event has now ended, we invite you to watch and share the recordings.


Develop and respect your workstyle

with Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny

Monday 30th March, 10am GMT+1

What does #workstyle mean to you? How do you decide what your #workstyle is and importantly, how do you uphold your and other people's workstyle?

Squiggly Career Boosters

Monday 30th March, 3pm GMT+1

5 practical things people can do to invest in themselves and their career.

with Helen Tupper


with Volker Ballueder

Tuesday 31st March, 10am GMT+1

Being confronted with deadlines, lots of emails, constant demands and information overload, results in stress, anxiety, depression and absenteeism from work. Mindfulness in the workplace can help to reduce stress, anxiety and therefore leads to more resilient, happier and more productive employees. Win/Win for both the client and the staff. Get a brief overview of what mindfulness is and be guided through a quick meditation that can be your go-to meditation to make it (better) through the day.

Remote Workmates’ Get-Together

with Cat Lewis-Shand

Tuesday 31st March, 12:30-13:30pm GMT+1

Grab a drink and make yourself comfortable. Join us for a much-needed chat and get to know some of your fellow workmates. Feel free to join in the conversation or just pop in for some company and friendly faces. Either way, we'd love to see you.

Paint Therapy

with Punam Sangrajka-Patel

Wednesday 1st April, 3pm GMT+1

Paint therapy class with Hoxby’s resident artist, Punam Sanghrajka. In this art therapy workshop, you will learn how to create a mini painting of a calming beach scene with a beautiful, vast sky. Or grab your favourite drink and come watch her paint - it’s very soothing to watch a painting come to life. Suitable for all levels.

Supplies needed:

A canvas or piece of art paper (any heavy stock paper), a few different sized paintbrushes (medium to small), anything you can use as a paint palette (plastic tub lid), some paints (ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, phthalo turquoise, cobalt blue, Payne’s grey, titanium white, buff titanium). I’ll be using acrylics (you can use goache or oils), a jar of water, an old kitchen towel.

Eat Like a Greek

with Kat Gilbert

Wednesday 1st April, 5pm GMT+1

Love food? Then you’ll love cooking some authentic greek recipes with Kat. A step-by-step guide to making a traditional cheese pie, the simplest most delicious dip - tzatziki and a classic greek salad. Let’s add some greek sunshine to staying safe and staying home.

Supplies needed:

  • For the cheese pie you’ll need 1 pack of filo pastry, 1 pack of feta cheese, 200gr grated cheddar (mild), 1 can of evap milk (not the sweet one, just normal evap), 150ml of sparkling or soda water, so fresh or dried mint, salt & pepper and 1 baking tray size 25cm x 20cm.

  • For the greek salad some vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, dark olives, feta cheese, salt, vinegar, dried oregano, extra virgin olive oil.

  • For the tzatziki dip, 1 small pot of greek yoghurt, 1 garlic clove, 1/3 of cucumber, salt, extra virgin olive oil. Once prepped, it’ll take about 30-40 minutes for the pie to bake in the oven.

Relax and Energise

with Tina Louise

Thursday 2nd April, 10am GMT+1

Did you know you can relax AND get energized only by learning how to breathe? This month, when we’re working from home and inundated with information, we need tactics on how to cope more than ever. Join this Hoxby session to learn 3 ways to improve your life in any situation - without leaving your chair!

Future Self Visualisation

with Ursula Capell-Helm

Thursday 2nd April, 10-10:30am GMT+1

Sometimes we can be so busy doing that we forget to take time out to reflect and consider what you want more of in your life and how that looks and feels (rather than a list of goals and objectives).  This can give us valuable insight into your heart's desires and your true path.

Espresso Energy!

with Sophie Devonshire

Friday 3rd April, 2:55pm GMT+1

Let’s have some fun with it and make it an Espresso Energy session - how to get, nurture and support energy in a world which is speeding up AND slowing down. I’ll focus on some practical takeaways and tips for people and happy to make it interactive.

Remote Workmates’ Got Talent

with Cat Lewis-Shand

Friday 3rd April, 2pm GMT+1

This is one for everyone to join in with. Whether it’s singing/lip-syncing, dancing, magic, a martial arts display or something more relaxed like reading a poem, painting a picture, telling a joke or two, or making a paper aeroplane, everyone’s got a talent they can share. Sign up or just come and watch. If you’re stuck for ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

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